Connect Cloudbeds PMS to Unifi Wifi Systems

The Percentage App allows hotels and hostels using the Cloudbeds PMS to connect to their Unifi wifi system to allow checked-in guests to sign into the Wifi using their personal details, like room number, name, passport and more!

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Cloudbeds to Unifi Wifi interface

Wifi Interface Features

The Percentage APP Wifi interface allows you to connect your Cloudbeds PMS to your Unifi Wifi controller to allow guests to login to the local wifi using their personal details. Here are some of the other features:

Add & Remove Users

Automatically create and remove users for checked-in guests for wifi login.

Multiple Login Options

Guests can login to the wifi using Room, name, email, birthday or ID number.

Profile Settings

Choose the wifi controller user profile for wifi guests & sync with Unifi.

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