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The Percentage App Upsell Add on is an optional extra feature for our booking engine which allows you to improve your direct booking revenue by offering guests the opportunity to add upsell products and services to their reservations during the booking process or prior to arrival at your hotel or hostel.

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The Percentage App Booking engine Upselling add on for hotels, hostels and package selling

Booking Engine Upsell Addon Features

The Percentage App booking engine Upsell Add on allows you to seamlessly embed upsell products and services into the guest booking process and posts the selected upsells back to each Reservation file within your PMS.

Website Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into branded pages within your website.

Email Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into customer emails and confirmations.

Messaging Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into WhatsApp & LINE instant Messages.

Custom Styling

Customise styling of upsell pages & confirmation emails for Upsell purchases.

Full PMS Sync

Confirmed product & service purchases posted to PMS guest folio.

Multiple Charge Types

Setup Upsell items charged /person, /piece, /room, /person & night, /person & stay.

How to connect The Upsell Add on

The Percentage App connects through the internet to your PMS account via API technology. Read about how to get setup with The Percentage Upsell Addon below, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Connect The Percentage App to Cloudbeds

Connect The App

Create your Percentage APP account & connect it to your Cloudbeds MyAllocator Account.

Customise your % App booking engine account

Customise your Account

Configure the look & feel of your booking engine & add the neccessary property info.

install the percentage app scripts to your website

Load the Scripts

Load the Percentage App script & search bar provided into a blank page on your website & that's it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Questions about The Percentage App's booking engine solution? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers around the world:

The Percentage App booking engine connects to your Cloudbeds MyAllocator channel manager account through the internet and syncs your rates and availability and returns booking information including credit card information to your Cloudbeds MyFrontDesk account when new reservations are made.

We charge a monthly commission fee that is a small percentage of the Sales generated by the App.

Register your account here. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from our team ( along with a Paypal link for payment of the 1st month subscription. Once you have made payment, you will receive login credenditals for our system along with setup videos and step-by-step instructions from our support team.

Our finance department will provide you with online payment links allowing you to pay by credit card or with Paypal.

The Percentage App script needs to be installed in the body of a blank page on your website with a standard header and footer to match your site (HTML, Wordpress or other CMS are supported). You will next need to install the booking mask / search bar or date picker widget on the pages of your existing website using a script we provide. Once your account has been configured within our app and the necessary information has been loaded, that's it, you can start taking bookings immediately! If you require additional help to setup the system on your site, our support team are also on hand to support with installation if required (additional fees may apply depending on requirements).

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